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We will buy your operating CHP Power Station for CASH ! ... and Lease it Back to you

POWER ISLAND ENERGY specializes in "SALE & LEASE-BACK" financial facilities targeting current operating CHP Systems. 

Our goals:

  • Acquire CHP plants that are presently producing power and lease them back to the owner.
  • Refurbish those plants when required and include the cost into the lease.
  • Expand the plants if additional energy and thermal capacity is required.

The purchase price is negotiated based on MW size, Age, Condition of the Equipment and Seller's Credit.



  • Sell the depreciated CHP System on your entity's books and create a financial GAAP gain. Then lease it back and continue to operate without an interruption.
  • Your CHP plant is not your primary asset.  Use the cash received from the Sale & Lease-Back to purchase other assets that will improve your CORE BUSINESS OPERATIONS.
  • Use the Sale and Lease-Back to convert your coal or oil facility to natural gas -  the fuel of the future.
  • Historic low lease rates with long term fixed monthly payments
  • Choose either to maintain control of the operations or outsource your service and maintenance.
  • Focus on your core competencies to maximize growth and profitability.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Advanced Energy Capital Signs Financing Deal with Power Island Energy to Provide $50 Million in Funding for C.H.P. Development.