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A Microgrid is a small group of interconnected, distributed energy resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries which acts as a single controllable entity and operates either connected to the grid or in island mode.  

Islanding is the act of physically disconnecting a defined group of electric circuits from The Grid and operating those circuits independently.  Islanding capability is fundamental to the function of a Microgrid. 



  • Municipalities requiring critical facilities to continue operation during a disaster.
  • University campuses, especially those with research laboratories which risk severe damage if the grid and backup generators go down.
  • Hospital complexes with several buildings that can use both the electricity as well as the thermal energy produced.
  • Large military bases that cannot afford to have their mission critical operations without electricity.
  • Large state complexes such as prisons and large office buildings.

The Microgrid market is expected to increase from $ 8.3 Billion today to  $40 Billion by 2020.  Currently, there are 260 Microgrid projects planned or operational in the U.S.  The Military recently added 21 new Microgrid projects for a 65% increase in Microgrid MW power.


  • The government supports microgrids. Several states offer grants
  • Microgrids usually include a CHP System and therefore enjoy the benefits of CHP
  • Microgrids usually have Natural Gas as the primary fuel and therefore enjoy the benefits of the "Fuel of the Future"
  • An optimum Microgrid allows sale of excess energy to the Macrogrid.
  • Microgrid CHP Systems are 30% more efficient than the grid
  • Microgrids provide "cleaner energy transition"
  • Microgrids save transmission expenses.


• Long Life of Microgrid Systems

• Choice of facilities to be included

• Cooperation from local utility

• Access to an uninterruptable fuel source

• Initial cost to install - 100% financing available

• Helps mitigate cost & choas of disasters


Did you know that a back-up generator will not operate for an extended period of time?

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