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Power Island Energy specializes in developing and leasing CHP Systems, Microgrids, and EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations EV Charging Stations
CHP CHP Development
Solar Array microgrid development
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Turn-Key CHP Development

Install efficient, reliable, sustainable, expense reducing "Cogeneration" or "Trigeneration" with state of the art, proven technology. All with a fast payback.

CHP Purchase & Leaseback

Sell your power plant, lease it back and then continue to use and operate it. Then take that cash and make the investment that you need to grow your business.

Micogrid Development
Picture the critical facilities in your municipality or campus continuing to operate during a long power outage during the next disaster. Be a leader and install a Microgrid.

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Why Power Island Energy?

  • POWER ISLAND ENERGY (P.I.E.) Specializes in Developing, Selling and Leasing CHP (Combined Heat & Power) Systems and Microgrids, servicing Data Centers, Hospitals and Municipalities.

  • P.I.E. is a "Full Service Provider" that can bring together the diverse expertise needed to complete all aspects of the CHP or Microgrid project including Designing, Permitting, Engineering, Financing, Construction, Operations and Maintenance.

  • P.I.E. has well-known, experienced partners that currently work in each region.

  • P.I.E. develops CHP & Microgrid Systems and also purchases existing CHP plants and leases them back to the current owner.

  • P.I.E. provides CHP & Microgrid solutions to commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal customers.

Why do we prefer Natural Gas?

  • Natural Gas is the "Fuel of the Future". Clean Natural Gas produces 65 % fewer emissions than coal and 25% fewer than oil.

  • Natural Gas is 20 to 30 % more affordable than oil.

  • Natural Gas is abundant and has projected reserves for two hundred years.

  • The US is projected to be self-sufficient in energy and a net exporter of natural gas by 2017.

  • One of P.I.E's teaming partners is a key aggregator/broker/consultant of Natural Gas.


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