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Easy Financing for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Make arrangements now to have on-site electric car charging services at your facility. Power Island Energy offers easy financing terms with prompt and efficient service.

Charging Stations

Get electric vehicle charging stations at your place of business with easy financing from Power Island Energy. We offer financing and leasing arrangements with warranty options.

Motorists don't want to be without the ability to operate their cars whenever they want to, and the charging stations you offer as amenities for consumers or employees will be in constant demand. Attract more customers to your place of business with conveniently located charging stations in place. We offer single charging units or multiple stations.

Industry sources have predicted electric vehicles could account for more than half of all new cars and trucks sold by 2040. We offer easy-to-use wall mounted or pedestal charging stations, and you may charge users, and recoup some of your costs.

Auto Charge Stations

Easy Application

Ask about pricing of lease payments and our easy terms. Fill out an application, and within minutes, we can offer you a quote. Power Island Financing has authorized installers who will put in your charging stations with prompt efficiency. Complete an application and get an instant quote.