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Let us show you how to obtian your EV Charger for NO CHARGE !



  • Experts project that the market of Electric Vehicles will grow by 30% per year and account for over 30% of all cars by 2025. 
  • This is due to : 
    • The ongoing trend to a "Green Environment"
    • The Huge Reduction In Cost of batteries for EV's
    • The mileage range per EV charge is now close to a tank of gas in a gas car.
    • Higher EV acceptance especially by yuoung car owners.
    • Car companies now introducing EV pick-up trucks (eg. Ford 150)


The best place to charge an EV vehicle while on a trip is at a hotel.  But, very few hotels currently have an EV Charger.  IF YOU DO NOT OFFER EV CHARGING, A PERSON WITH AN ELECTRICAL CAR WILL NOT STAY AT YOUR HOTEL !


  • It features double ports so that it can charge two vehicles at your hotel per night.
  • It is the fastest Level 2 EV Charger so that it can charge an electrical vehicle in 3-4 hours.
  • You have a choice.  you can buy it for about $8,000 or partner with the manufacturer to split the charging profits 68/32.  The manufactrer supplies the charger and you install it.
  • Your pay-back after instralling our charging station is 21 days.
  • EV Charging is the BEST WAY OF DIFFERENTIATING YOUR HOTEL after Covid 19.
  • Transforms your hotel into a "Green Hotel".
  • Our "state of the art" EV charger is one of the top selling on the market.
  • Although not in many hotels yet, our charger is currently in some very high end hotels.

To find out how to obtain your free EV Charger:

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