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We Will Buy Your Operating CHP Power Station For Cash! ... And Lease It Back To You


"SALE & LEASE-BACK" financial facilities targeting current operating CHP Systems.

Our Goals:

  • Acquire CHP plants that are presently producing power and lease them back to the owner.
  • Refurbish those plants when required and include the cost into the lease.
  • Expand the plants if additional energy and thermal capacity is required.

The purchase price is negotiated based on MW size, Age, Condition of the Equipment and Seller's Credit.

Financial Advantages To Present CHP Owners:

  • Sell the depreciated CHP System on your entity's books and create a financial GAAP gain. Then lease it back and continue to operate without an interruption.
  • Your CHP plant is not your primary asset. Use the cash received from the Sale & Lease-Back to purchase other assets that will improve your CORE BUSINESS OPERATIONS.
  • Use the Sale and Lease-Back to convert your coal or oil facility to natural gas - the fuel of the future.
  • Historic low lease rates with long term fixed monthly payments
  • Choose either to maintain control of the operations or outsource your service and maintenance.
  • Focus on your core competencies to maximize growth and profitability.

CHP System Stack of Benjamins Power System

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